About SqWEC

Shuqaiq 2 IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project) is an integrated water and power plant project in Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia. Construction of Shuqaiq 2 IWPP began in 2007 and achieved commercial operation in 2010. The project’s power and desalination units are located adjacent to the existing Shuqaiq 1 power and desalination complex, 105 km south of Abha and 140 km north of Jizan, on... Read More

Quality Control

According to the directives contained prevailing environmental regulations, SqWEC was keen to carry out regular checks cases to ascertain the extent restrictive controls on the protection and preservation of the environment with the testing and evaluation of the soil, and water quality analysis. SqWEC adhere to the environmental standards strictly during the operation phase.


SqWEC maintains a good track record with respect to the health aspects and safety requirements to the project. The company has done hypothesis testing for fire-fighting and safety tests which had an effective impact of the application of the company's policy (safety first) and reverse restriction over the strict discipline in this aspect.

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